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3 key features of the ServicePulse report

Here at ServicePulse, we’re using AI to help MSPs focus their time on customer interactions and tickets that need the most attention. We know that one of the main points of contact for customers with your company is through the help desk and as you grow, it becomes more difficult to keep on top of the conversations with your technical team. Our algorithm is designed to analyze all closed service tickets for the previous day, look for language patterns that indicate a possible issue, and then deliver a report to your inbox containing only the tickets that could possibly need your review. (read more after the jump)

3 things MSPs should know about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the biggest buzzwords for 2020 in the IT industry. At the enterprise level, AI is being used to analyze big data, for interactive voice-based customer service, and to build more efficient logistics. At the consumer level, we see AI at work in our mobile assistants, home assistants, and shopping recommendations at big retailers. But the MSP industry has been slow to see the adoption of this technology for themselves or for their SMB clients. What should MSPs know about AI?

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