3 key features of the ServicePulse report

Here at ServicePulse, we’re using AI to help MSPs focus their time on customer interactions and tickets that need the most attention. We know that one of the main points of contact for customers with your company is through the help desk and as you grow, it becomes more difficult to keep on top of the conversations with your technical team. Our algorithm is designed to analyze all closed service tickets for the previous day, look for language patterns that indicate a possible issue, and then deliver a report to your inbox containing only the tickets that could possibly need your review. (read more after the jump)

I used to try and spot check tickets for possible issues but now I just look at the ServicePulse email in the morning. It takes me five minutes and I know I’m covered.

CEO of a ServicePulse customer

With this in mind, we created a simple-to-read daily report that we will deliver to your inbox. We clearly identify tickets that “Need Review” and tickets that deserve “Kudos”. Links are provided to the full ticket details along with a confidence score, the client name, and the assigned engineers.

Needs Review

In this example, we can see that there were five tickets that met the threshold for review, there were 13 in the last week and this is 7% more than the three-month average. At a glance, we can see the sentiment of our customers.


Here we can see that there were two tickets which met the threshold for positive interactions, there were 9 for the last week and this is 5% more than the three-month average.

Ticket Details

The above is an example of the details provided. We can quickly click the ticket number to access the ticket details, see the confidence of whether a ticket needs review or deserves kudos, see the client and the assigned engineer(s). With this information, you are able to keep a pulse on all of the tickets your clients are creating.

I was able to find a problem ticket I would never have seen. We resolved the issue quickly but the client wasn’t happy the issue happened in the first place. I was able to contact them and resolve it at a relationship level.

Service Manager at a ServicePulse client

We created ServicePulse to save you time in your ticket review process and give you the information quickly without another dashboard so that you’re able to keep a pulse on your clients. If you’d like to see for yourself, we have a 14-day no-obligation trial here.

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