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AI-powered analysis of service tickets delivered to your inbox


Daily insights into the quality of your customer service

Reviewing service tickets for potential issues is time-consuming. While surveys give valuable information, not every client responds to surveys. So how do you know if there is an issue for those that don’t respond? This is where ServicePulse comes in.

Our software will analyze every ticket and alert you to where there could be potential issues. Think of us as quality assurance for your service team. Even better, we don’t give you another dashboard to look at or portal to log into. We’ll deliver you a report daily to your inbox saving you time and giving you peace of mind.


Save time

Our clients have seen a 95% reduction in tickets that need to be reviewed. We show you only the tickets that may need attention.


Give kudos to staff

On the flip side, identify where your staff are giving excellent service without having to wait for the customer survey.


Analyze ticket metrics

Insight into the underlying metrics of your service team including time-to-resolution and number of tickets.


Get data straight to your inbox

Receive this information and data to your inbox daily without managing yet another dashboard.

What can ServicePulse do?

Get a pulse on your service by reviewing a daily email with all the information you need to know about the quality of your service delivery.

SP Sample Overview

ServicePulse sends you a daily email with the information you need to evaluate your service performance. The email will always include an update on how many new tickets need to be reviewed and what tickets deserve props for a job well done! Your overview will let you know what direction your service is trending in.

Sp Sample Need Review

Any ticket that ServicePulse says needs to be reviewed will be listed here. The 3 dots indicate how strongly ServicePulse feels the ticket deserves extra attention. If it’s gray, that means it is brand new to the list. The ticket number on the left will take you directly to ConnectWise for review!

SP Sample Text Triggers

Are there specific words or phrases that your service team knows indicate a particular service issue or cause for concern? Simply let ServicePulse know and we will link to any tickets that mention them.

SP Sample Statistics

Your stats let you know exactly how specific clients and engineers are performing over time. This will give you the quantity of tickets that needed review or received kudos over the last 7 days as well as the previous 3 months.

Sp Sample Summary Info

Your high-level service trends. Get a pulse on your service by seeing how much time you are spending (and saving) on tickets.

Our Plans

Both plans start with a 14-day free trial.

ServicePulse integrates with ConnectWise and Autotask!


Billed each month
$99/ month


Billed once a year. Save 20%!
$79/ month

Setup is Simple

It's easy to get started with ServicePulse!
Sign-up with ServicePulse and enter your billing information. We’ll email you a link where you can enter your ConnectWise credentials. 
Configure ConnectWise with an API member that allows us access to your data.
Enter the API information and select the service boards you’d like us to analyze. 
We’ll send you the first email on the following business day.

Try Us Out

We are so excited to share our AI-powered technology with the MSP community. Have a question for us? Give us a shout below. 

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